Are You at Risk of Losing your Recoverable Depreciation?

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What is Recoverable Depreciation?

Recoverable Depreciation usually refers to the monies that are held back for repairs in an insurance claim.

Most insurance companies hold back the depreciation until proof that the repairs have been completed is received. Once proof is provided to the insurance company and/or mortgage company in the form of an invoice most insurance companies and mortgage companies will release the monies that were held back. Although this blog has some dates listed the principal still applies. You’ll see some details related to the standard operating protocols of a few insurance companies in a moment.

The Clock Starts Ticking

The window of opportunity to recover depreciation on your roof and other hail damage repairs may be coming to a close. After a major hail storm, you only have a certain amount of time to take to engage with your insurance company.

Integrity Roofing and Painting is a Denver Roofer and an insurance restoration specialist we are here to help! We can assist to whatever level that you need help with. If it’s only with the roof we’re fine with that. If you need some assistance with your claim we have a team that is more than capable.

Time is of the Essence for Recovering Depreciation


Most insurance companies allow 365 days to complete and invoice for repairs. Travelers and a few others allow 180 days. St Farm and a few others allow 2 years, but will not necessarily adjust for price increases which can cause problems in getting repairs done adequately. USAA typically allows only one year from the date of the claim to recover depreciation. You don’t won’t to throw money away! Time is of the essence. It is critical that you start this process now so that your insurance company receives the final invoices for work completed by the 19th of May.

File an Extension Before it’s Too Late

Some insurance companies will allow you to get an extension on your claim. If you determine that you may miss the deadline to recover your depreciation, it is advisable to call and get an extension, in writing if possible. The prior point is extremely important. If for whatever reason you know that you’ll need more time to file for depreciation than the standard allotted time then an extension must be filed before the dead line. Most insurance companies will not allow anyone to file an extension after the deadline.

It would be very helpful for you to find out from your insurance company what their policy is on how Recoverable Depreciation works within your roof claim and to insure that you can collect on your deprecation. Details are usually listed on the claim summary. You can also call your adjuster or claim office directly. Your insurance agent should be able to provide time deadlines. Be sure to contact your company to make sure that these time lines are still in use.

Of course, you can call our office if you know that the deadline to recover your depreciation is coming up. As a Denver Roofing Company, Integrity Roofing and Painting is available to work with you on your tight time lines for a roof install. We will do all that we can to help you recover the depreciation before it’s too late. Make sure that you know all of the dates and protocol that’s required by your insurance company. The information that we’ve provided is only a guide line. Please contact Integrity Roofing and Painting to have your roof installed.